Landscape Masonry

We specialize in using natural stone & brick masonry in the landscape, including patios, walls, walks, & steps

Masonry is timeless and classic, providing structure to the garden so it will look great year-round, in winter, spring, fall, or summer.  The colors of brick and stone do not fade, and they age well.  The natural variation of color and texture in these materials looks good in any light.

A typical landscape masonry job will start with earth-moving equipment to grade the area and excavate for footings and base material.  Next, we employ highly skilled masons to build the project.  When they are finished with the stone and brickwork, we clean up and regrade, moving the dirt back into place, and prepare the soil for planting – a turnkey job eliminating the need for the homeowner to hire and coordinate multiple contractors.

Amazing Patio Design & Construction

This patio is made of light tan colored crab orchard flagstone mortared to a concrete base.  The mortar, also light tan, was selected to give the patio a clear and uniform color, which is accentuated by subtle color variations in the stone.  The seating wall mirrors the curves in the patio; even the ends of the walls are rounded.

The walls are clad in thin-cut veneer stone jointed with mortar.  This gives the wall a smoother surface than a common stacked fieldstone wall does, eliminating the possibility of insects nesting in gaps between the rough fieldstones.

Flagstone Patio with Stone Seating Wall Masonry for Greenland
Masonry for brick herringbone courtyard patio in Atlanta

The herringbone brick paving adds rich textural detail to this intimate Atlanta courtyard garden.  The brick columns add a structural touch and repeat the columns in the wall.

Dry set masonry, that is, brick or stone set on a compacted gravel base without using concrete, gives a more rustic and softer look.  This type of stone laying can be used to eliminate the possibility of cracking concrete caused by tree roots and is considered to be somewhat permeable.  Ground covers planted between the stones or gravel can be used to fill the joints.

Landscaping for Rustic dry set stone patio Lake Lanier
English boulder garden wall for perennial beds in Dacula

There is nothing better than natural stone to show off a perennial garden.  In this picture, we created an English boulder garden wall with steps to separate the homeowner’s zoysia lawn, which was used for children’s sports, from the garden border.

The yard was sloped, so we regraded, creating two levels.  The planting bed is elevated, eliminating the need to garden on one’s knees, and the flowers are protected from trampling.

Client's Review

Flowers for Greenland Landscape & Masonry

“Marta designed the backyard for a patio expansion. The design was very professional. She communicated frequently and did a nice job particularly with the stone."

- Susan McLaughlin
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Reversed Flowers for Greenland Landscape & Masonry
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Flowers for Greenland Landscape & Masonry

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