Church Gardens

Church landscaping requires a different knowledge, the ability to work with a committee, & a passion towards the art of landscaping for a purpose

The result of the effort should give both the church congregants and the general public who are viewing the church from the street, a vision of the overall spiritual experience while visiting the church.

At Greenland Landscape & Masonry, we want to provide your church with a beautiful outdoor environment and to help someone be able to feel God’s presence when worshiping and being part of the church community. We appreciate the importance of taking the time to go to church and we love going to different churches and seeing their surroundings, both inside and out.

Landscape for Church outdoor labyrinth on Palm Sunday in Winder

The picture shows our work with St. Anthony’s church committee. We helped locate and design the labyrinth. The committee and priest had decided on a replica of the labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral.

Our company found a pattern of that labyrinth, and working within their budget, we built it and also solved some drainage problems. Church volunteers took over the planting. This outdoor labyrinth was intended for spiritual contemplation for both the church members and the Winder neighborhood.

First Church Memorial Garden

We designed and built it at St. Mary and St. Martha Episcopal Church in Dacula, which we have been members for approximate 20 years. The church had raised money and had been planning to build a garden for interment of ashes for a few years, but decisions had not been made.

We volunteered to make a design for the garden, intending to hire another contractor for the construction.  The Church then asked me to submit a proposal, which was accepted, and we moved forward to build the garden. We graded the area and built the masonry walls and stone path.  We also worked with volunteers to complete the planting.

Landscape for Church Memorial Garden All Saints Eve Dacula 1
Church Memorial Landscape Garden Easter Eve Dacula

Following you will see the same garden the night before Easter. The service was held just before sunset and the photo captures the garden in the vesper light making it appear so different than the one above.

And finally we show the flower planting we did as a volunteer when attending Jones Chapel Methodist Church near our new home in Danielsville. We designed and planted the flowers, and continue replanting with church volunteers.

Landscaping for Church Flower Planting in Danielsville

Positive Feedbacks

Contact Greenland Landscaping & Masonry today so that we can schedule an appointment to help make your Church Garden dreams come true. Not only will you love the result, but we know you will enjoy working with a company so dedicated towards this specialized form of landscaping.  We look forward to talking with you.

“Marta and her team from Greenland Landscape & Masonry worked with us at Buford Presbyterian Church in Buford to enhance the Memory Garden by adding a raised bed to be used for interment of ashes.  They were so easy to work with to create an updated garden that fit in beautifully with the existing church building.  This work was done in 2018 and looks more beautiful each year."

- Jo Ann Blount
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“We are so blessed to have our labyrinth that was done by Greenland Landscape & Masonry. They have done an awesome job. It is a beautiful outdoor labyrinth. Not only has it become a place for prayer and reflection for our own church members, but it also has become an outreach program because many people from the outside community come to this place for prayer and meditation. We have made it a place for the neighborhood to enjoy."

- Father Edgar Otero
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