3D Landscape Design

Case Studies:   See your project before it's built !
Treat yourself to the luxury of a thorough and thoughtful design experience.
I strive to make every project unique - a collaboration between client and designer.

Project 1:    A New Front Entry:  
The front door was hidden by a stone wall.  Guests had to use the narrow side steps at garage.  To make a more inviting entrance we removed a section of the wall and added a generous staircase to the front door.  Italian pottery flanks the steps.

Front Entrance before

Front Entrance 3-D design

Front Entrance after

Project 2:  Koi Pond:    Homeowners had a professionally built koi pond.   Greenland installed the stonework and landscaping.  Veneer Tennessee fieldstone covered the walls, and soft paving done of dryset stones with mondo grass joints make a green paving.  A cedar screen was built to hide the pool equipment, and clematis armandi will cover the white brick wall.   Whimsical garden stools in foreground.

Koi Pond before

 3-D design of stonework and paving

Koi Pond after

Project 3:  Big Drainage and Erosion:      A steep slope leading from the driveway to the basement level pool was eroding.    The bermuda grass on the slope had gradually thinned out due to shade and water, leaving bare dirt.   
To divert the water away from the pool, we extended the existing stone retaining walls, dug a swale around the pool deck with catch basins, river rock,  and 6" drainage pipe.  

Two top reasons why drainage projects fail:
1.  Undersized drain pipes.
2.  Failure to excavate dirt and regrade the site.

Before:  Mud washed onto pool 
Dirt was washing from eroded slope onto pool deck.  The problem was thinning bermuda grass and too much water directed to the pool.

3-D design of stonework and plantings
The design solution involves a combination of stone, plants, and drainage pipes and catch basins.

After:  stone steps and drainage swales 
(Plantings to be added in spring)
The drainage water is now carried away from the pool with a drainage swale and pipes .   An existing stone retaining wall was extended.  The pool deck remains clean.

Earth work
A swale was dug around the pool.  Dirt is moved to the top of the slope creating a berm diverting water into a wooded area.  This reduced the amount of water reaching the pool.

Pipes and catch basins around pool deck
A 6" drain pipe with catch basins carries water around the pool.  This is necessary because the swale is almost flat in some areas.

River rock and drainage around pool
The drainage swale is topped with decorative river rock and silt barrier.

Project 4:   An Elegant Front Landscape:

The front landscape had recently been landscaped with lots of shrubs to replace a thinning lawn.  The landscape had little design interest and was not a welcoming entry to the home.
The homeowners provided us with several pieces of garden art to display:  Two antique lions, a large estate pot, and a significant bench.   Two pea gravel parterres on opposite sides of the front walk provided open space to display the garden art.  We transplanted most of the existing shrubs and added a row of Little Gem boxwoods along the sidewalk.

Front Yard before

Front Yard 3-D design

Front Yard after

Estate urn with yucca

Front Yard after


Project 5:  Lakehouse Patio: 

Homeowners wanted a flat patio below the deck.  A sloping concrete walk lead to the dock.  We regraded the area, and removed a few sections of the walk.   A dryset stone patio,  stone retaining wall, and crab orchard slab steps were installed.

Lakehouse before

3-D design of patio

Lakehouse patio after

Project 6:  Lawrenceville Front Yard of Flowers:  

A Lawrenceville yard makeover.  The homeowners wanted a colorful and happy landscape.   Over 50 varieties of shrubs, perennials, and annuals are combined to provide year round interest.   The plantings were added over a period of a year; it took some fine tuning to get the mix just right.  The entire family works together on garden tasks: watering, weeding, and deadheading flowers.

House before

3-D landscape plan


flowers in early spring

flowers in summer