3D Landscape Design

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Project 1:    A New Front Entry:  
The front door was hidden by a stone wall.  Guests had to use the narrow side steps at garage.  To make a more inviting entrance we removed a section of the wall and added a generous staircase to the front door.  Italian pottery flanks the steps.

Front Entrance before

Front Entrance 3-D design

Front Entrance after

Project 3:  Koi Pond:    Homeowners had a professionally built koi pond.   Greenland installed the stonework and landscaping.  Veneer Tennessee fieldstone covered the walls, and soft paving done of dryset stones with mondo grass joints make a green paving.  A cedar screen was built to hide the pool equipment, and clematis armandi will cover the white brick wall.   Whimsical garden stools in foreground.

Koi Pond before

 3-D design of stonework and paving

Koi Pond after

Project 2:   An Elegant Front Landscape:

The front landscape had recently been landscaped with lots of shrubs to replace a thinning lawn.  The landscape had little design interest and was not a welcoming entry to the home.
The homeowners provided us with several pieces of garden art to display:  Two antique lions, a large estate pot, and a significant bench.   Two pea gravel parterres on opposite sides of the front walk provided open space to display the garden art.  We transplanted most of the existing shrubs and added a row of Little Gem boxwoods along the sidewalk.

Front Yard before

Front Yard 3-D design

Front Yard after

Estate urn with yucca

Front Yard after


Project 4:  Lakehouse Patio:  Homeowners wanted a flat patio below the deck.  A sloping concrete walk lead to the dock.  We regraded the area, and removed a few sections of the walk.   A dryset stone patio,  stone retaining wall, and crab orchard slab steps were installed.

Lakehouse before

3-D design of patio

Lakehouse patio after